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About company

A.P.O. - ELMOS v.o.s., a leading Czech supplier and manufacturer of measuring and control technology, was founded in 1991.

Specialization in the supply of process instrumentation

A.P.O. - ELMOS specializes in the deliveries of process instrumentation for all main industries of measurement and control. We deliver sensors and instruments for measurement and control of temperature, pressure, flow, heat, level; we also deliver transmitters, power supplies, valves, actuators, control valves, solenoid valves and instruments for analysis. We offer products from more than hundred domestic and foreign producers. Thanks to the careful and strict selection of business partners, A.P.O. - ELMOS delivers only high-quality products.

Completion of supplies

As is known, many companies are currently trying to reduce the quantity of suppliers. In this trend, our company caters to you with the possibility of supplying a complete range of process instrumentation for measuring and regulating so-called "from one source". In practice, this means that the purchasing department does not have to order individual items from several suppliers, but can order a wide comprehensive range of measurement and control from our company in one delivery with a guarantee of seamless compatibility of delivered products.

Implementation of investment projects

In addition to supplies for operational maintenance, our company also provides complete supplies of investment units in the field of measurement and regulation, from design to assembly and commissioning.


With the production of measuring and control technology, A.P.O. - ELMOS has been engaged since its establishment in 1991. All products are a product of our development department. We specialize in the production of panel devices. In this area, we continue to work on the development of new products with our own intelligence. The manufactured devices have certificates for electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility and, if necessary, seismic resistance.

Optimization of solutions for the customer

Our company always strives to offer the customer the optimal solution in terms of its technical and economic requirements. The complete range of sensors and instruments offers a choice from simpler, cost-effective solutions to the delivery of perfect, highly comfortable measuring and control technology. We also supply products for potentially explosive atmospheres and devices for nuclear technology.

Flexibility, speed, business conditions

Our technicians and traders solve your assignments in the field of measurement and regulation flexibly and quickly at reasonable price relations. We offer the possibility of interesting business discounts for regular clients.

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